Tech Forms

Tech Form

If you are performing with TWIST:

Please complete form to the left; music goes to

Forms and music are due 24 hrs before event, unless producer wants them by a certain date (i.e. 1 week before the event).  

Include your Stage Name, E-mail, Cell, Date, and Time of your Event on all contact forms and e-mails.

We follow performing and house rules of Sidewinders Ranch and the Black Cat Cabaret.  Performer waives all liability of the venue and business owners if injury occurs. Performer performs at their own risk.


109 4th Street Northwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102, United States

Located at 4th and Central - North of Posh Nightclub
***Please keep outfits & interactions NM bar legal; inquire if there are questions.
***Please do not bring outside drinks to the bar, and do not use drugs, carry weapons, or put anyone in danger.